Introduction to 5th Festival

Dear friends, colleagues & people in solidarity,

The Festival from 2012 until today has contributed in its own way to the development of solidarity and cooperative economy in Greece and to its consolidation in people’s consciousness as a reality. Hundreds of people are by now actively engaged in the production sector and thousands benefit from the product of this economy which is not always material but also bears social features, thus inspiring and giving strength to our fellows to fight in the struggle for survival while at the same time exuding an air of freedom that only the condition of solidarity can offer: human for nature and for human.

So this year we decided to stir things up a bit and (among others) change the date of the festival by placing it at the beginning of the summer and not at the end of it, as hitherto. The reasons that led us there were mostly practical: October was always finding us «on the run» because most valorize August for their holidays and so the really useful time for the event organization was just one month with all that this entails. Also, the weather was always a bet which though generally won constantly created doubt and additional discussions about the conditions.
And so it is with joy and an air of renewal that the 5th Solidarity & Cooperative Economy Festival will be held on 3-4-5 June 2016 in the Plato’s Academy area.

The space of Plato’s Academy Park, it is true, was loved by everyone and we believe that the most can be made of it. In this year’s Festival we attempt to bring closer and give the floor to all those who contribute to the realization of the project as well as to widely open the debate on principles, potentialities and the future of solidarity and cooperative economy.

We create this year Nodes aimed to gather more than a single theme within them and to show how the different projects can cooperate between them within the framework of the solidarity and cooperative economy.  These Nodes will be connected to each other through an ongoing expressive and playful event that will fill with joy all of those present.

With workshops, talks, screenings, events, discussions and artistic expression activities we will attempt once again to give the impetus for participation, connection and communication of all who consider autonomy, self-government and collaboration as non-negotiable values.

Welcome to the 5th Solidarity & Cooperative Economy Festival.

All these years the festival is based on the cooperation and solidarity of all of us. For its realization, this year too, your participation is necessary.
You can participate in the Festival in two ways:

1. By helping in any of the following working groups:
-Communications Group
-Technical Support Group
– Program content Group
– Solidarity (volunteering) Group

2. By participating in workshops, talks, screenings, events, discussions and artistic expression activities on one of the following topics:

– Health
– Products
– Education
– Technology
– Leisure
– Work & Economy
– Energy
– Housing

Contact directly the organization team by completing the participation form or send us an email at [email protected]

The participation can be made via: one-on-one meetings with the other participants in the group; the Internet; another way – but always in cooperation with the group coordinators.


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