Who We Are

Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative EconomyFestival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy

We are members of collectives, ventures, initiatives and structures of solidarity from below, which were created in Greece during the last four years.
The composition of our team constantly changes, grows, shrinks and then regrows from the beginning like all the living organisms in nature. However, the primary materials of our team remain unchanged-solidarity, self-determination, self-government, and autonomy.

Our benchmark is the Square, every square which works as a collective expression space. Our joint action is that we are taking back our lives in our own hands.
Our cοmmon wish is the transition into a world where the laws of the market collapse and the man’s and nature’s
subordination on the altar of the profit belong to the past; the transition into a world where human relationships obtain a new meaning.
We are walking in a path and we know that we are not alone.
As we go, the more we see all around us. As a result it doesn’t matter who we are, our name or our face. What matters most is that we are someone like you, some of all those who daily and patiently weave the threads of another world. A new world that will be reflecting our dreams.

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